Why Websites are Important to Business

There are many large social networks that businesses are taking advantage of, like Facebook and twitter. Many people still wonder if you need a website. Well the answer is YES! With technology like twitter and facebook that will work well with your business site.

Remember facebook owns your pages and if they decide you doing something wrong they will remove it. You can’t just run business from facebook; you need a website you own and control. In this article I will explain why it is important to have a website for your business.

Seo: If you have a website or blog you are likely to rank in the search engine with good seo. Now Facebook is blocked off to the search engine so seo does not work with it.

The main place your clients are going to be looking for you is on Google. Now hardly anyone searches face book for something they want. Everyone goes to Google.

Being in control: Having your own website lets you be in control. On facebook you are limited to what they offer. With your own website you can customize every aspect to suit your needs.

Authority: if you own a website you will be on top of your competition that does not have a website. A company with a website shows professionalism and trust factor.

Better conversions of leads into sales. Now not every company can just open a website, any company can make a facebook page. If you want to show your business in a professional light make sure you have a site.

Now people on Facebook are normally on a social mode trying not to think business. So if they come across you’re your updates they might not pay attention. Say if a user is searching for cats clothing on Google and find your site with cats clothing for sale they are likely to buy. Facebook does work but targeted search engine users are better.

Website tracking- facebooks tracking isn’t really up to scratch, with a website you can see exactly where your users come from and what they are doing on your site.

Giving clients more information on your products or services, clients need information and feel more confident in using your services and products if they have the right information. So a website is a great way to lead your potential clients down the sale funnel

Got anymore reasons? add them below!

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