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office2Most of the companies, not saying all but they take advantage of the business owner that does not know much about web sites and seo etc. Some of them charge thousands just for a quote. So yeah if you need a company that works to ensure you have value for money, Silver Ivy Media is for you. We offer most competitive rates in the industry. Our main goal is to give you assistance taking your business to the Internet age. With a website that sells for you 24hr a day, you could be attracting leads to your business even while you sleep!  

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An Example on Why to use the Internet to create Business leads.

6958645786_fe7ca5a719_oIn example if you are a coffee shop owner you provide your clients with your website address and include it on all your advertising.A client goes to your Website and likes it on Facebook. Those people’s friends see it on their feeds and likely they are local people so they then visit your website give a call and you get a booking for ten. This is just an example on how you can get clients through the internet. This will work just by having a business website and telling your clients and friends to like it.

Imagine if you use Seo or online marketing.

4841649944_9fc31a45fa_oTraffic is what counts but it doesn’t matter how much traffic you get if the people don’t feel like using the page they will leave. You have around 5 seconds to catch your visitor’s attention. So you will need a great web design to catch your visitor’s attention and turn them into a client. If you have a high traffic site that’s designed badly will have very little business. People leave if they are not hooked with a great web design and text. There are many angles to target thousands of potential clients on the internet which you could be doing soon.

We offer the following services Search Engine optimization, Web Design, Internet Marketing, Social media marketing and other Design Services please look around our site for more information and contact us when you ready to get started.

Our Services


Web Design

Our team will work with your existing resources, such as digital images and logos. We could also create and develop the best way to go about your online business concept. Our Main Goal is to provide our Clients a professional look and effective online presence that attracts and retains potential Clients to your site. Silver Ivy Media frequently refines their skills to beat the opposition.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media has taken the advertising world by storm. The largest companies all around the world are leveraging social media to provide business leads. Social Media is very important factor of making your business branded and build a relationship with your clients while virally increasing your client portfolio.

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Search Engine Optimization.

This works for many businesses worldwide so it can work for you too. We offer SEO consultations depending on your niche, costs may vary but you can hire us according to your budget for SEO. We can improve your site. Good SEO takes time but the benefits are really worth it!

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imagesSatisfaction Guaranteed With Your Website!

Do you need a business website? Well at Silver Ivy Media, we can organize that for you! We build beautiful professional sites that make your business have an advantage over your competition. We offer the best kind of websites that are easy to update yourself, so you don’t need to be ripped off with high maintenance charges.

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Logo Design Logo Design
Our designs not only look cutting-edge, they are. If you need anything from event advertising and posters, to logo designs for your business, Silver Ivy Media is here, at your service!

Design Services Design Services
We offer other design services for your business from logo design to flyer design. Our designs are innovative and illustrate your business in a professional, specialized light. Click on ‘Read More’ for a list of our design services and request a free quote for all your on- and offline advertising needs.
Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy.

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 You can get started today on your professional online journey with Silver Ivy Media.   You can start letting your website work for you. Our Websites are all SEO optimized to help you get targeted vistors that are looking for your products and services. We assure you that with our expert advice you will always have a return on investment. in this day and age you are retarding your businesses growth without a website. I highly recommend you get started online as soon as possible

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Choose which package meets your needs and then contact us in anyway you choose.


We then will consult you on the best possible way we can implement your website online. Once you ready to get started you can send us a deposit.


Once you are 100% happy with your site and have paid the remaining funds your site will become live. Please check Our FAQ for anything you would like to know or contact us


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